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Dogging: A Love Story

An aspiring Gordie journalist drops his inhibitions to research the UK’s North East outdoor sex scene. What he doesn’t bargain for are encounters with various people in car parks, but one encounter completely takes him by surprise-and changes everything!

Many people may not know what “dogging” is, but it’s an interesting story that not many have heard of. Doggings are when you secretly film yourself having sex in public places with your lover – this ranges from cars to bathrooms at gas stations or even on Brighton beach! The movie Public Sex(2009) tells how two friends decide to try out their own little side business by filming themselves having sex right there where anyone can see them…and hilarity ensues very quickly after. The main characters find themselves caught up between wanting everyone else knowing exactly who they were while also trying hard against showing any emotion other than laughter during these hilarious moments together; thus begins one wild weekend full of surprises for all involved as well as some new insights