My Favorite Martian Season 1 Episode 22

Tim discovers that Martin’s antennae act just like Earthly antennae: he can pick up radio and television signals among other things. Tim decides that while Martin’s asleep, he’s going to tune into the police frequency for a newspaper scoop. He hears about a robbery, and follows up with a telephone call to the police to find out more information. However the police decide to pick up both Tim and Martin since Tim had just a little too much information, information that only the police or the perpetrators of the crime would know about. Detective Sergeant Seeley, the lead investigator, thinks Tim is committing crimes so that he can report on them. Seeley can keep Tim and Martin in custody for 48 hours without charging them. Martin decides that this is just a little too risky since he has no real Earthly identity, such as a fingerprint, and thus decides to break out of jail, leaving Tim behind. Tim is scared, but Martin goes to the scene of the crime to see if he can figure out who the real criminals are. He picks up clues that lead to Jim and Harry, two lowlifes at a waterfront bar. However reading their minds, Martin ascertains that there was a third party involved, that person being Seeley, who needed a major case to boost his career. Martin returns to the police station and makes a confession, that confession being exactly what Seeley is thinking. Seeley buckles under the pressure and confesses. One would think that Tim would learn from this experience, but later tries once again to turn on Radio Martin while Martin’s asleep. However Martin is a little brighter and has locked his radio while he’s asleep.

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Serie: My Favorite Martian

Episode Title: Uncle Martin's Broadcast

Air Date: 1964-03-08