My Favorite Martian Season 1 Episode 25

Pete Dudley, a real estate salesman, convinces Mrs. Brown that she should sell her ramshackle of a house, which causes a problem for Tim and Martin, especially in hiding the spaceship. Dudley already has prospective buyers, Edgar and Emily Graham, who would be especially interested in the garage since Mr. Graham wants to make it into a workshop. When the Graham’s show up unexpectedly for their first visit, Martin has to hide the spaceship. The only thing he can do is to levitate it with his levitation finger, which even for Martin is difficult due to the ship’s large size. They manage to hide the ship long enough for the Graham’s visit. Dudley makes Mrs. Brown sign a contract for a $100 advance in commission. After doing so, Mrs. Brown is having second thoughts about selling the house. Martin decides the best avenue to take would be to show the Grahams and Dudley just how ramshackle of a house it is, which he does of course with a little help of his Martian powers. As such, Dudley not only loses the sale, but the Grahams as clients. Martin also gets Mrs. Brown’s $100 back for her. And as for Dudley, he decides to leave the real estate game due to some frayed nerves.

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Serie: My Favorite Martian

Episode Title: The Sinkable Mrs. Brown

Air Date: 1964-04-05