My Favorite Martian Season 1 Episode 26

Since Tim is unavailable for an outing, Martin asks Mrs. Brown out on a “date”. Mrs. Brown herself can’t make it since surprisingly she already has a date for that evening. Martin feels dejected, but he doesn’t know why. Tim lets him know that he is jealous of Mrs. Brown’s new suitor, Andre Philippe Charles Dupre, a suave, debonair fashion designer. On first glance, Martin must admit that Andre is a charming and accomplished gentlemen, worthy of Mrs. Brown’s affections. But Martin digs a little deeper in hopes of finding fault with Andre. When Martin finds nothing, he feels ashamed about his selfishness, and vows to further the happiness of Mrs. Brown, a person for who he has deep affection, by doing whatever he can to foster her relationship with Andre. Martin does this despite gleaning from reading her mind that Mrs. Brown does not find Andre to be as romantic a suitor as she had hoped. Thus while Mrs. Brown and Andre are on a dinner date, Martin does whatever he can to make Andre appear the most romantic of suitors. Andre proposes, but Mrs. Brown turns him down and decides not to see him again. She felt the evening was too perfect and thus their relationship would have no where to go. She mentions to Tim and Martin that women prefer men with a few imperfections, she implying that Martin is that man for her.

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Serie: My Favorite Martian

Episode Title: Martin and the Eternal Triangle

Air Date: 1964-04-12