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Iracema, Uma Transa Amazônica

One day, a girl from the countryside goes to Belém and wishes for something more than prostitution. She meets an interesting man who takes her on his truck one night so she can dance with other people in their beautiful city while listening out only music that will make them feel free… The two strangers ride into the Amazon on a wooden boat and meet an incredible adventure. They encounter endless jungle, corruption from Brazilian authorities along with fires in their forest homes with no means to fight back against such destruction; slave labor for those who can afford it or prostitution as childrens’ only livelihood left if they haven’t been fortunate enough yet find someone willing make them one of many mothers equally beloved by all neighboring villages before finally reaching adulthood where its too late.

The film won several international festivals and was banned in Brazil. However, it wasn’t until years later that the Brazilian Censorship Board decided to allow for its release after receiving many appeals from audiences all over wanting this daring movie about life as an illegal immigrant living on society’s margins with their families


Duration: 91


IMDb: 7.1